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Onyx Light

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The star ingredient of Onyx Light is raw African black soap, made from the ash of select plants and herbs found only in the lushest regions of western Africa.

Cleans pores

Soothes inflammation

Hydrates skin & hair

Calms irritation

Minimises fine lines & wrinkles 

Fights acne and diminishes acne scars

Evens dark spots

Reduces blemishes

Removes excess oil

Comfort at dawn and unburden after dark for clean and calm skin. In the shower or bath, pour into clean hands or onto a clean sponge and gently massage into damp skin in small circular motions while quieting your mind. Work into a lather then wash off with warm water immediately and pat dry. Follow with any of our moisturisers. Keep water out of the jar when using. Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. 

Raw African black soap, local honey, extra virgin olive oil, rosewater, loofah oil