Our Story


The natural hair boom of the past 10 years has been amazing. So many new products and tools on the market, and as the first Nigerian natural hair company, we'd like to think we have played a huge part in driving that growth! But we also understand that’s just made things much more confusing. How do you know what’s actually good without having to spend so much money that you’re now having to consider tapping in to your future kids’ college fund?

Well, let us do the hard work! We simplify your natural hair journey by cutting through the overwhelming amount of information to customise a regimen specifically for you and bringing you products that work.

First of all, we are very careful about what makes it to our shelves in the first place (see our criteria on how we pick our brands here).

Secondly, using data gathered from your feedback, our research and talking to experts over the last decade, we’ve figured out what ingredients work best for specific hair properties. We use this information to match products to your hair type and lifestyle and provide you with a personalised recommendation. (Try it out here).

We know some of you would still prefer the human touch (well, as close as we can get during a pandemic) so we've made online consultations a permanent feature. Book a session with one of our experts for personalised solutions to all your hair issues.

Finally, our founder Nibi is SO finicky about well, EVERYTHING, you genuinely don't have to worry about anything you get from us!